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“Why do all scientists all over the world always do research constantly?” (332 words)

Scientists are considered to be the architects of our modern world. Millions of people across the world are leading comfortable and safe lives thanks to their never-ending efforts. Scientists seem to be always working on some sort of research or scientific matter. Even though there may be lots of causes for this, to solve environmental problems and to improve drugs are the most common two.

To begin with, scientists seem to be working continuously to overcome environmental problems. It is a well-known fact that hundreds of animals and planet species go extinct every year in some parts of the world due to environmental problems. For example, rainforests are known to vanish at an alarming rate in Latin America. Scientists are trying to find solutions to save this forests. Another example is that water contamination is a great threat which kills thousands of people each year. In order to stop this, scientists are working on developing new systems to provide people with clean water. In short, environmental challenges cause scientists to work day and night.

Secondly, to improve drugs so as to find cures for diseases is definitely another reason that makes scientists work constantly. Every human being is incredibly important for the future of our planet. However, there are millions of people who do not have access to even basic health services. Therefore, scientists are working to develop drugs to fight many diseases. For instance, in the past ‘polio’ used to be a very serious disease which killed thousands of children whereas in today’s world they can be treated thanks to the drugs and health services. In brief, scientists constantly work so that they can improve drugs and protect human life.

To sum up, scientists work almost non-stop for many reasons the two of which are definitely to solve environmental problems and to improve drugs. As far as I am concerned, humanity owes his past, current and future life to these heroes.

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