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The Causes of Hunger

It is obvious the hunger is, and has always been, a major problem in the World. Every year millions of people die from starvation and from hunger-related diseases. Hunger has been a widespread problem for millennia and thus has a number of causes, depending on where and when it is found. However, geography and human greedy are two main causes of the World hunger.

Working Women

In the old days men used to go to work and women  looked after the house and children. This was valid even up to fifty years ago. However, in the last two or three decades, many women are now choosing to work themselves, instead of marrying early and raising children. This has a number of effects on the society such as economic benefits and the change in the women’s status.

Dormitories are the Best

When a person decides to enter a university away from home, (s)he must also consider living accommodations. Even though most universities offer students dormitories, students frequently choose to live in an apartment to be more independent. Despite the attractiveness of freedom, I believe living in a dormitory is better than living in a student flat because it is cheaper and safer.

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